BESS Mounting Systems.
Rapid, hassle-free battery installation.

What is Volta?

Volta is our latest innovation for rapid installation of battery energy storage systems (BESS).


The UK designed and manufactured steel structure makes mounting large-scale batteries, transformers and associated products more precise, simple, reliable and cost-effective compared with current market solutions.

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Goodbye concrete, hello Volta!

Until now, the solution for BESS installation has meant extensive groundwork and use of substantial quantities of concrete, which comes with a host of expenses and practical, commercial and environmental drawbacks.

Volta is made from welded hot-formed steel sections, which are post-galvanised for ultimate support and durability. The channel section structure is secured throughout with high tensile galvanised fixings, ensuring that the entire assembly is incredibly accurate, strong and secure.


New system, same Solarport quality.

The system has built-in adjustability and is designed and manufactured to allow effortless levelling when being installed.

Not only does Volta make the crucial use of BESS hassle-free to install, but additionally, unlike the application of traditional concrete methods, Volta is 100% recyclable at the end of its life as a mounting system – the perfect solution for environment conscious developers and installers.

Quick, clean, moveable, accurate.

The rapid installation of Volta, integrated cable management and avoidance of any concrete drying and settling time, makes the system the obvious choice for installers and developers looking to save time and money on site.


Unlike traditional concrete foundations, Volta can be moved and positioned whenever and wherever, without the need for lengthy groundworks prior to installation. In addition, for use in flood zones, Volta can be mounted to piles and produced as an elevated platform.