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Foundation options
for every installation.

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Maximise site viability and yield

Our aim is to make sure that, when using a Solarport system, there is no site that's off-limits.

We will work with you to ensure the correct foundations are applied to your system

- maximising site viability and yield.

Types of foundation

Driven pile
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Driven Pile

Driven steel piles are the most common form of foundation found in ground mount solar installation.

Our piles are all made using structural grade steel, with a range of thicknesses and coatings guaranteed to make installation stress free and stand the test of time. To make sure we are as cost-effective as possible,

we will adapt the material thickness based on our geotechnical and topographical data, producing the highest quality product for the best possible price. 


C Profile Pile

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Top Hat Pile



Having a solution that requires no breaking ground is essential. Whether there's an area of archeological interest, underground services, impenetrable ground makeup, land with very low cohesive resistivity or high corrosivity...


Our ballast system is always available to provide the solution.

Using readily available materials including the use of high-density concrete blocks, reclaimed concrete railway sleepers and pre-cast concrete mono-block, the ballast system is easy to install and extremely diverse in its applications.

X Anchor
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The X-Anchor is our patented foundation solution that makes it possible to install large and small scale ground mounted solar PV systems with the use of only hand tools. Due to incredibly shallow embedment, the X-Anchor can also be used on made-up ground such as former landfill sites - whilst retaining all cohesive resistivity required for successful installation and PV plant lifespan.

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