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Modular ground mount
Solar installation straight off the shelf.

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Versatility is the vision.
Our objectives are simple. Give our customers:

  • Maximum yield

  • Minimum lead times

  • Easy & safe installation

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Standardised for speed.

Solarport's dedication to bolstering UK supply chains for solar PV installation is second to none.

We work tirelessly to make sure our customers get their bespoke utility-scale systems as quickly as possible

- but naturally, when crafting something unique, it takes more time to design and deliver.

We understand the importance of servicing not just utility-scale projects - ensuring there is a system for every application.

This is where our modular system comes in.

We have spent years crafting the perfect system for sites that are sub 1MW, that is able to come straight off the shelf and directly to site. A modular system with universal parts and one fixing size throughout.

Stacked in our warehouse, waiting for rapid deployment to installers.


Fast. Easy. Modular. 

Build your site with minimal variations in mounting system components, with universal parts that are easily replaced or added to when needed.

As with all of our systems, we only use one fixing size throughout, saving headaches on site.

We have designed our modular system to cover 80% of the UK's landmass, giving developers peace of mind and less to consider when deciding on a system to suit their site.

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